• 2000 psi (4 sack)
  • 2500 psi (4 1/2 sack)
  • 3000 psi (5 sack)
  • 3500 psi (5 1/2 sack)
  • 4000 psi (6 sack)
  • ​​​​4500 psi (6 1/2 sack)   
  • 5000 psi (7 sack)
  • Septic Tank Mix
  • Grout and Slurry
  • Class “A” and “AA”

crushed rock


1" MIXED AGGREGATE (50% rock, 50% concrete sand)

3/8" MIXED AGGREGATE (50% rock, 50% concrete sand)

1" MIXED AGGREGATE (50% rock, 50% mortar sand)

3/8" MIXED AGGREGATE (50% rock, 50% mortar sand)


Topsoil/Over Burden (no rock/sand) (AKA: clay, adobe dirt & pure dirt)



TOPSOIL/DIRT/OVER BURDEN(NOT FILL MATERIAL)  (Excellent for lawn preparation, planting/gardening)

We are able to batch mix designs to the requirements of the individual customer or design a mix to meet the specific requirements for any application. Here are just a few examples of what we can provide.

We produce and sell material for projects across a broad spectrum. From large commercial, state and federal, to residential and landscaping. Here is a list of our produces and descriptions.

CONCRETE WASTE ( contains pieces of concrete up to 6")

Sand material

concrete designs

natural rock


Compaction Material (Fill Dirt)

  • Fiber 
  • Accelerator
  • Super P
  • Recover
  • Concrete Dye


  • Backhoe
  • Air Compresser
  • Chipping Gun
  • Trailers
  • Concrete Tools
  • Skid Steer
  • and more

3/8" CHIPS (Premium driveway gravel, chip seal roads)

1" CRUSHED ROCK (1" minus, concrete, landscaping & driveways)

2" CRUSHED ROCK  **Ask Pit for Avail (3/8"-2" minus for landscaping, driveways, commercial vehicle entry)

David Baeza is a true builder who brings a proven track record of partnering and collaborating with owners to achieve successful results for your projects. His experience and unique perspective promotes unconventional and highly effective solutions to address the inevitable challenges that construction projects can bring. Desert Valley Inc.'s management philosophy promotes an attitude of interactive and open communication to facilitate teamwork and cooperation. Professionalism, quality service, hard work, dedication, commitment, and a strong sensitivity to cost and schedule are cornerstones to our project approach. Our genuine attitude of caring about your projects success separates Us from our competition. We are eager to bring all of our tools and resources to your projects. 

MORTAR SAND(1/8"minus for plaster, brick laying & blasting)


CONCRETE SAND (1/4"minus for concrete & setting tanks, also called tank sand)

1/4" CRUSHER FINES (fractured sand)

1/2"BASE COURSE(1/2"minus,under slab,livestock,leveling yards, some types of compaction)

STATE SPEC BASE COURSE (Type I, 3/4" minus,HIGH compaction, meets state specifications)

PIT RUN GRAVEL (Overburden w/up to 4" rock,HIGH compaction fill)

3/4"BASE COURSE  (Ask Pit for Avail, GOOD compaction, won't meet state specifications)

3/8" ROCK (pea gravel) (3/8 minus for driveways & landscaping)

1" NATURAL (1"minus, concrete rock)(3/8 to 1" for concrete, landscaping & wells)

1" - 3" LEACH ROCK (septic tanks & landscaping)

SANDY 3/8" GRAVEL (80% gravel, 20% sand, for ground cover, driveways & landscaping)